Trend Privé Magazine – Issue No. 26

$ 10.90

The close of 2016 sees our Winter Issue arrive full of abundance, starting with our cover story interviewing Mena Suvari to our piece on celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and everything in between, this massive issue goes all out.

The past year has seen some serious shifts in both, reality and consciousness. Major icons (Bowie, Rickman, Prince) in the arts industries have left us for hopefully greener pastures, major players in the fashion industries have adopted or shunned established mindsets (Armani ditched fur and more celebs are ditching photoshop), and our dependence on FAST is becoming passé, while we embrace everything “slow”. Slow fashion, slow food, slow travel. We are learning once again to live in the “now”.

As we head into a new year, we will help our readers support this new (yet not new) ideal. Of course we offer you our usual top shelf reviews, best high point brands, and we would not disappoint on the arts front (interviews with artists Lai N Nguyen, Thomas Morel and Osborne Macharia are just the tip of that visually stunning iceberg), but we also supply you with foundations for your basic lifestyle of fabulous. If you intend to start the year with a fresh outlook, you may be wanting to dip your toe into yoga or cleaner eating, and we can offer you a jumpstart on that too.

Among the many beauty reviews, shopping tips, lifestyle articles, interviews and eleven fashion editorials, we are also offering you an exclusive Christmas Gift Guide.

The layout of this magazine is meant to be minimal, clean, chic and classic. This unique coffee-table book is one to cherish for many years.