Trend Privé Magazine – Issue No. 27- Vol. 1

Trend Privé‘s No.27 Issue is full of both beautiful imagery and provocative insight. We talked candidly with celebrities around the world, offered perspectives on global humanitarian efforts, took a look at luxe lifestyle opportunities and the usual top shelf reviews from our international team of Beauty and Fashion editors.

We interviewed OITNB actress Taryn Manning and talked about the importance of staying strong in the face of adversity. “Salt & Fire” actress Veronica Ferres talked about the connection with the indigenous people during filming and how sometimes you just need to get closer to the sky. Actress Agnes Bruckner dishes on becoming a mother and what that means for an artist. We speak with musicians Hagar Levy and Faydee about intensity of imagination, the road to stardom and the bumps along the way. We also featured gorgeous Romanian celebrity Adelina Pestritu showcasing her favorite SS17 looks.

Trend Privé travels to the eco resorts of Gokarna and Cousine Island to discover the truly remarkable. Photographer Kristian Schmidt offers a new take on an old favorite for entertainment.

We deliver some delicious gourmet options and the story behind how one community is building themselves their own urban gardens to pull from.

A stunning collection of editorials offering a global perspective, sometimes literally, often in abstract, reflecting on how fashion is both inspired by the natural world and created by it. Spring is the season to wash away the year past and dive forward into the fresh and new. Twenty sixteen was a breakout year for ethical fashion and we forged the path for industry changes that were just taking hold and not yet fully embraced. By now the word “sustainable” in fashion is considered a buzzword and we continue to be at the forefront of bringing you those ideals in designers and brands that are always pioneering, always investigating, and altering the very structure of the fashion and beauty world.

Fashion is and always has been an art form first and a practical application next, but in today’s world we see the guise of “eco fashion” as much more than basic.  It is one of the art forms that is immediately available to inspire change in the day to day and elevate our living to engage sense of style and freedom of expression. While the art and the utility must work together to facilitate change, sustainable designers are finally leaving the world of safe and making the foray into art. The New Luxury is a life well lived… for all.

The cover story was photographed by the amazing F & G Photography and over ten other brilliant editorials are featured inside this issue.

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