Trend Privé Magazine – Issue No. 35- Vol. 2

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For the past nearly six years, Trend Prive Magazine has been promoting a cruelty-free and conscious lifestyle, including the arts, travel, food, fashion and more. We focused on being a source of inspiration, an educational tool, digital source of support, a movement and a social voice for our global community.  While Trend Prive has been empowering and offering a voice to individuals, it has also connected artists and been the platform that opened doors for them.

Issue #35 showcases some of the most important issues of the world today.  Our amazing contributors brought awareness and solutions, shared stories and opinions, and most of all; they contributed to a world in need.  The mission of this issue was to inspire change and to encourage readers to join our community.


  • Ten humanitarian crisis to look out for in 2019
  • Why women are disproportionately affected by humanitarian crises?
  • Stop Plastic Pollution
  • Your recycling choices can make a difference
  • Ban Animal Trophy
  • 7 Reasons Why Animal Cruelty Laws Should Be Toughened
  • Getting under a thick skin of deceit… an in-depth look at the truth about leather
  • Welcome to the Zoo
  • We can Save the Dolphins
  • BLACKFISH Movie – Interview with Jeffrey Ventre
  • PETA – Interview with PETA Foundation`s Director of Animal Law, Jared S. Goodman
  • Evolution: The Imagine Goods Story – How An “Exploration Vacation” Became A Fight Against Human Trafficking”
  • Brands fighting human trafficking
  • National Suicide Prevention Week – A call to join hands
  • Raising our voices against domestic violence
  • How to Heal After Sexual Assault
  • The Human Epidemic
  • Be a Part of National Adoption Month
  • Will we ever cure Alzheimer`s?
  • In Love and War- The Trevor Project
  • End Gun Violence
  • 8 Ways to Help the Planet Daily
  • Beauty Brands That Give Back
  • Beauty Hot Spot
  • Beauty: What’s In My Bag?
  • Beauty Reviews
  • Editorials
  • And more


Cover: Amer Mohamad

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ISSN 2640-2289 (Online)